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Help us identify the one-legged copenhagen bomber

Can the World Wide Web and social media identify a one-legged man with a broken and scarred nose? We’re about to find out

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On September 10. 2010, there was a blast at the Hotel Jørgensen in central Copenhagen. A man rushed out of the hotel with cuts to his face and hands. He escaped into the nearby Ørstedparken where he was apprehended by police shortly after. He had a bomb-like object strapped around his waist and explosives and a loaded gun were found in his room.

For the last four days, Danish police – with the help of Interpol – have been trying to identify the suspected bomber. Besides being 25-35 years old, of central- or southern-european descent and having an average to athletic build, the suspect has some notable characteristics: He was found wearing a prosthesis on his right leg below the knee and his wide nose is scarred from having been broken multiple times.

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The suspect has gone to great lengths to hide his real identity: The serial number on his leg-prosthesis is filed away and he carried no identifying documents other than a stolen Belgian identity-card. Based on surveillance footage, he has markedly changed his appearance several times while in Denmark. He has only paid in cash, leaving no trace of his purchases. After being apprehended, he has requested only vegetarian food and both the Bible and the Koran, making it impossible for police to determine even his religion.

The suspect’s efforts have paid off: Danish police, assisted by Interpol and Belgian colleagues, have been unable to positively identify him. Ekstra Bladet would like to assists the police in their efforts. We will do this by enlisting Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the World Wide Web in a search for the missing identity of the bomber. Can the World Wide Web and social media identify a one-legged man with a broken and scarred nose? We’re about to find out.

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