Fjernede 'perfekte' bryster: Nu har hun det godt igen

26-årige Emma fortæller ærligt om sine oplevelser med bryst-operation

Emma fik lavet de 'perfekte' bryster for tre år siden. Men nu har hun fået fjernet dem igen. Hun kan bedre lide at være sig selv. (Foto: Privatfoto)
Emma fik lavet de 'perfekte' bryster for tre år siden. Men nu har hun fået fjernet dem igen. Hun kan bedre lide at være sig selv. (Foto: Privatfoto)

I 2013 var den i dag 26-årige Emma Carey fra Australien udsat for en alvorlig faldskærmsulykke, hvor hun blev hårdt såret.

I forbindelse med ulykken fik Emma langvarige skader og havde blandt andet problemer med at gå.

Med sin delvist ødelagte krop besluttede Emma sig derfor for at få en plastik-operation, der gav hende perfekte bryster. Det skete som en slags plaster på såret.

Men nu her et par år efter har Emma for nylig fået fjernet sine 'perfekte' bryster igen.

Og det har gjort hende glad igen. For første gang i lang tid føler hun, at hun er sig selv igen.

Det skriver flere medier heriblandt det australske medie

Emma Carey har også lagt et opslag ud på Instagram, hvor hun forklarer sin historie:

'Jeg forstod aldrig rigtigt, hvorfor jeg gjorde det. Men da jeg vågnede op efter at have fået fjernet implantaterne i mine bryster, græd jeg foran min mor og min kæreste og sagde: - Alle dele af min krop var ødelagt. Og jeg ønskede bare, at noget på min krop skulle være perfekt. Så jeg tror selv, at jeg traf beslutningen for at reparere mig selv', skriver Emma på Instagram.

Artiklen fortsætter under billedet

Vis dette opslag på Instagram

Dear anyone who has ever considered altering their body, I understand how it feels to be there and wonder ‘what if’? I know there’s so many things we add to our pros list when we’re weighing up the possibility. For some people it might be the allure of confidence, of femininity, of ‘fixing’ something that changed after you grew a human. Or maybe it’s to fit better in clothes, to appear more attractive for a partner. Or maybe it’s something you just want to do for you. For me, it was none of those things. It was at a time when my body was going through a major transition. My days were filled with doctors appointments, surgeries and rehab. I felt like my body wasn’t my own anymore. I never really understood why exactly I did it, but when I woke up from having them removed I was crying to my mum and boyfriend saying ‘every part of me was broken, I just wanted one part to be perfect’. So I guess for me it was the idea that I could fix myself. Here’s the thing though. Did having ‘perfect’ boobs make me happier? No. Did it heal any of my physical problems? No. Did it heal any of my emotional ones? No. Changing my body did not in any way change the person I am. Read that sentence again. I would look in the mirror and not recognise myself. I didn’t resonate with the reflection of me that wasn’t as nature intended. I didn’t empathise with the girl who altered the body she had so much love and respect for. As soon as I had them removed, I felt an overwhelming sense of being home. I felt like myself again and I didn’t even realise how much I had missed her until I had her back. As someone who has experienced paralysis, who has looked death in the face and survived, who still ignored the lesson and went on to alter her body anyway… I want to pass on something I’ve learnt. The way our bodies look from the outside is undoubtedly insignificant in the scheme of being human. It isn’t the magic answer. If you’re looking for something more, I can guarantee that the answer is somewhere inside of you, not on the outside. There’s so much more to life than the shell we experience it though. Love, a girl who changed her body and wished she knew then what she knows now x

Et opslag delt af EMMA CAREY (@em_carey) den

Men Emma forklarer også, at de 'perfekte' bryster havde den helt modsatte virkning i forhold til, hvad hun havde forventet.

'Det gjorde mig ikke mere lykkelig, fortæller Emma og tilføjer, at de 'perfekte' bryster hverken løste hendes fysiske eller emotionelle problemer.

Den 26-årige Emma forklarer, at hun ikke kunne kende sig selv, når hun så sig selv i spejlet, efter at hun havde fået foretaget brystoperationen. Og det fik hende til at føle sig dårlig tilpas.

Men da Emma for nogle måneder siden fjernede brystimplantaterne følte hun sig straks bedre.

'Jeg følte mig som mig selv igen. Jeg indså ikke, hvor meget jeg havde savnet at være mig selv, før jeg fik mig selv tilbage', skriver Emma på Instagram.

Artiklen fortsætter under billedet

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A few months ago I had surgery to remove my breast implants. I’ll speak way more in depth about why I got them, but for now I wanted to focus on why I got them out. From the moment I put them in my health changed dramatically. So many random symptoms kept popping up but it wasn’t until hindsight that I could form the clear connection. I gained so much weight within a month, I had psoriasis all over my face, I was tired ALL THE TIME, my memory was absolutely shocking, my hair was falling out rapidly, I had pericarditis (swelling of the heart) multiple times... the list goes on. Our bodies are so good to us. They are constantly just trying to keep us healthy, so it makes sense that when we put a foreign object into ourselves, our body is going to do everything it can to fight it off and keep us safe. My body was working overtime trying to protect me from the extremely toxic implants laying right on top of my vital organs. I’m a firm believer in ‘you do you’ so I wouldn’t say I’m against plastic surgery, but it’s SO important to be able to make an informed decision. 3 years ago when I had my surgery, I had never even heard of breast implant illness and the surgeon didn’t give any warnings so I assumed they were safe. Now the implants I had are recalled because they have since been linked to cancer. There is a lawsuit against breast implants because they are making people so sick and thousands of people are getting them out. It’s wild that doctors (people we trust to keep us safe) don’t at least warn us of the risks. That’s why I’m speaking about it now. The more known this is, the more people can research before they make any decisions about their body. It breaks my heart that I did this to myself. Someone who loves and appreciates their body more than anything, someone who was never ever self conscious about having small boobs, someone who doesn’t even bloody wear makeup because they love being natural. But I’ve lived and I’ve learned and I can’t change the past. Now all I want is to save other people from the pain, debilitation and huge costs that I went through. Nothing is worth more than our health and it’s crazy that we can sometimes forget that. #BII

Et opslag delt af EMMA CAREY (@em_carey) den

På Instagram forklarer Emma også, at nye bryster ikke er den magiske løsning på kvinders problemer.

'Hvis du leder efter noget mere, så kan jeg forsikre dig om, at at svaret findes inde i dig selv og ikke uden på din krop', siger Emma.

Før sin faldskærmsulykke var Emma en aktiv sportspige, der løbetrænede og dyrkede meget sport. Hun dyrker stadig meget sport, selv om hun også i perioder er bundet til en kørestol.

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